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Aug 2, 2022

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Charlestown MA Engagement Photos

A gorgeous, summer afternoon in Boston, a sailboat on the Charles River, and a stroll through Charlestown – Shane and Brooke’s engagement session (part two 🙂 )was absolutely perfect. Being with them is like hanging out with old friends – literally! I’ve known Brooke since my family moved to Virginia when I was in fifth grade. We were besties throughout middle school and it was so exciting to reconnect when she reached out to me about wedding photography! Who would have ever thought that we would both meet and marry our husbands from Massachusetts? I am genuinely so excited to celebrate with her family and capture their wedding this September! In the meantime, I’m sharing more of their super cute love story and photos from their engagement session below 🙂

How They Met
from Brooke’s perspective

My mom got a flat tire and my dad was not available to help, so he called Shane. My dad and Shane worked together at the time, and my dad always talked about Shane and how badly he wanted us to meet. Shane arrived to the Safeway parking lot in Warrenton to save the day! I made him cookies as a thank you and the rest is history. My dad takes full credit haha!

How He Proposed
from Brooke’s perspective

At least once a month, Shane will drive me to work and then pick me up in the evening and we will go out to dinner (Friday night date night!). One week in November, it was a rough week at work (we had a couple new pediatric cancer diagnoses and those are always difficult!). Shane said that he would take me to work on Friday, November 19th and then pick me up after for a date night. I jokingly said “oh you should bring Beau (our english bulldog) and we can try to find a place with outdoor seating”. Looking back now, I realize Shane mentioned “lets go somewhere nice, so maybe dress up”. I went onto work (I did dress up lol) and he picked me up after and Beau was in the car! We drove over to the Charlottesville Downtown walking mall and walked Beau around while we tried to decide where we wanted to eat. We were both getting hungry when all of the sudden, Shane says “do you see anyone in the crowd you recognize” and I’m thinking um no way, because we don’t know that many people in Charlottesville yet. I peaked around him and saw my parents with their cameras out! I got super excited and then Shane got down on one knee. I truly wish I had a recording so I could remember what Shane said! It was perfect, under the Christmas lights and my parents were there!

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