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Sep 8, 2022

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Stephan and Soteria met me in downtown Concord, MA at 5:15am for their engagement session. For the duration of their two-hour session, there was literally no one else in town and it was so much of why I love New England! Here is this quaint, beautiful, tiny, and historic town – not bustling at all! It is still perfectly residential and charming, and not much opens before 10 or 11am, except for the coffee shop that opened at 7. Enjoying a cup of coffee felt like the perfect end to our morning together!

I’m excited to share more of Stephan and Soteria’s engagement photos on the blog today and cannot wait to see them again for their wedding next year! Scroll for more of their sweet photos and a bit of their love story 🙂

How They Met

Summer camp sweethearts at the Metropolis of Boston Camp! We were campers together and then became staff members together. Soteria was friends with the program director and she schemed with her to make sure Stephan was put with the same age group as her, so they’d have sessions together. Soteria asked the program director to have time off with Stephan as well so they could hang out. They spent their first summer on staff flirting and when they returned for their second summer on staff, the spark reignited and they started dating.

How He Proposed
from Soteria’s perspective

Stephan planned an elaborate ruse. He got all our friends (who we were going on a ski trip with) to “plan” our friend’s birthday dinner. But it was actually to celebrate our engagement. Stephan knew he wanted to ask me at our favorite lighthouse, but he didn’t know how to get me there without ruining the surprise. Because it was such a nice day I suggested we go to the lighthouse. I had no idea he planned this all. Then when we got there we took a photo and then he proposed. And I cried.

Alexis El Massih is a wedding and portrait photographer serving Concord, Massachusetts, Boston, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and destinations beyond.

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