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May 24, 2022

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It is always a sheer joy for me to return to Massachusetts for work. Every town is as charming and quaint as the next and oh so photogenic! Jake and Erica suggested the Salem Willows Park for their engagement session. In true New England fashion, this park had everything – beautiful low hanging trees, manicured pathways, and of course, a rocky beach. It was perfect!

Jake and Erica’s engagement session was also the first time we had met in person. They were just as fun and easy going as they have been throughout their wedding planning process so far and dah! I cannot wait until their big family wedding in September! Also, they have the cutest love story, which I will share from their perspective below 🙂 So adorable!

Jake & Erica’s Love Story

How They Met
from Jake’s perspective

Via Hinge, but because she had a prompt that said “I have never once actually typed ‘lol’ while texting,” and I hate using “lol” so thought it was hilarious. That and we both forgot to set our distance parameters so we matched while more than two hours away and I’m crazy enough to drive three hours through Boston traffic to see her.

How He Proposed
from Erica’s perspective

I knew he was proposing because I’d been hinting at it for a month and knew he already asked my parents for permission. He told me to meet him at the Waterfront hotel in Salem because we like more intimate stuff and didn’t want to do a big gathering so I knew it was coming. I got to the hotel, went up to the room and knocked (he told me to knock and wait). When I opened the door, Hozier’s “Like Real People Do” was playing (one of my/our favorite songs), he first told me to take off my mask haha, he handed me flowers with a note that said, “to the future Mrs. Donnelly,” spun me around, kissed me, and told me I meant the world to him, took my flowers back, got on his knee and proposed with the most gorgeous diamond ever. It was very him, including letting me put the ring on myself haha.

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