Brad & Kristen | Lincoln Memorial + Capitol Hill, Washington DC Engagement Photos

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Jul 25, 2022

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Lincoln Memorial Captiol Hill Engagement Photos

This session was full of genuine smiles and contagious laughter! I was so excited when Brad and Kristen wanted to start their Saturday morning with the sun rising behind them at the Lincoln Memorial. I am never sure how clients will feel when I suggest a sunrise session – these two were ready for it! After many twirls in her gorgeous red dress, we met at Stanton Park for a stroll with their adorable pup, Zoe. This Washington DC engagement session captured their romantic and casual, fun-loving relationship. I’m excited to share more of their love story and engagement photos today!

Brad & Kristen’s Love Story

How They Met

We met on the online dating app Hinge during the pandemic. Bonded over our love of sports and whiskey!

Their First Date

We met at an outside beer garden in DC called Electric Kool-Aid. Brad wore an amazing shirt with flamingos on it that caught Kristen’s eye immediately! We talked for a few hours and the conversation was easy. At one point, Brad showed Kristen his hometown by satellite on googlemaps (which she thought was very cute and endearing)!

How He Proposed

Brad surprised Kristen and proposed while down in Mexico for Kristen’s birthday weekend during a sunset photo shoot. He pointed behind her, used the good old “look over there line” and while she was naively looking for a dolphin, he dropped down to one knee in the sand (and waves) to ask the big question! Kristen was shocked when she turned around to see her great-grandmother’s engagement ring in Brad’s hands–a ring she believed was still back in Oklahoma. He had coordinated with Kristen’s sister to have the ring transported secretly back to Washington IN Kristen’s very own luggage, without her knowledge. Her sister wrapped it in tissue paper and tucked it into a tiny box with a Christmas gift “for Brad”. Kristen never even suspected a thing and didn’t even care to watch Brad open the gift, since she thought it was just a boring keychain! He was relieved to have the family heirloom finally in his possession and then began planning his secret proposal!

There were soooo many great dancing photos! How could I even narrow them down!?

Alexis El Massih is a wedding and family photographer serving Capitol Hill, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and destinations beyond.

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