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Virtual hug! Welcome to my home on the web! As a visual artist, I specialize in fine art wedding and family portraiture in Northern Virginia. Out of my photography studio in Leesburg, Virginia, at your home, or on location, I create timeless, romantic images {with an editorial flare} that tell the joyful story of your marriage and your family as it continues to grow.

I earned my BA in Literature and History at Hellenic College in Brookline, MA, especially focusing on the cultural significance of European Intellectual History and Art Movement as reflected in Classical Literature. I had the opportunity to further enhance my art study by taking classes in oil painting, spending a semester studying Ancient Sculpture in Greece, and completing photographic mentorships in digital hand editing. 

I am endlessly inspired by light, pops of color, texture, and lots of layers! Whether I am arranging wedding details, helping to choose clothing for family portraits, or staging a steaming pot roast, styling, catching the perfect light, and creating the most flattering form for my subjects makes me do a happy dance!  

As a photographer, I capture images for couples preparing for their marriage, expecting mothers, and growing families.

I create timeless, romantic images that tell the sincere story of your marriage, your journey in motherhood, and the joys of family life. I also love to capture the magic and whimsy of childhood. I am grateful that my business has allowed me to travel around the U.S. and even internationally (to one of my favorite places in the world - Greece!) I love that it has introduced me to so many clients-turned-family friends!

When I am not editing, behind the camera, or designing albums, I'm happiest in the kitchen trying a new recipe or cuddled under a blanket reading a book. I love a good historical drama, food documentaries, and of course, binge-watching the Great British Bake Show. I can never visit Greece enough. I am passionate about hospitality, thoroughly enjoy having a full house, and hosting dinner parties. Spending time with family and friends makes my heart full and I would love to get to know yours!  

As bees gather honey, so we collect what is sweetest of all things and build...

Rainer Maria Rilke


Greece has given me some of my best childhood memories, my most formative experiences of faith as an adult, and has helped shape a way of life for me that is centered around family, faith, and hospitality. What else can I say? It's in the blood!


My Mediterranean roots run deep! Hospitality is inseparable from the culture and faith in which I grew up. I live to host, to serve, and to show my love in the best way I know how - through food and drink and offering my home!


I’m endlessly inspired by ancient Greek sculptures. I had the joy of taking a class on ancient Greek sculpture IN Greece my senior year of college. I would say that when it comes to my professional work as a photographer, this was the most formative class I have taken to date. It changed me as a visual artist in the way I saw and understood Form and still influences my studio work today.

Bread Baking

The Great British Bake Show together with the America's Test Kitchen Bread Illustrated cookbook has helped develop my love of cooking into a love of baking. Homemade sandwich bread? Game changer.



I love to do what I do

I met the love of my life, Rassem when we were in college. We got married in November 2015 in a tiny Orthodox chapel overlooking the city of Boston, surrounded by our big Greek and Lebanese families and friends. We spent two weeks honeymooning in Edinburgh, London, and Bath; marveling at the English countryside views from the train windows, drinking tea, playing cards, and perusing little bookstores for hours. It was a dream we still talk about! 

We became a family of three in June 2017 when our daughter, Sonia Noor was born. Being able to watch her grow these past three years has been a gift of an experience beyond words and fills us with grateful prayer. The joy of our family only grew when we welcomed our little boy, Matthew Panagiotis into the world. Children are an eternally precious gift!