Fluffy, pink blooms and buttery bokeh – I have dreams about cherry blossom season in Washington DC! It is a very popular time and for good reason! I am so excited the season is upon us and I am sharing booking dates below!

Mar 3, 2023


Falls Church Virginia Family Photos

Fall 2022 Family Session Booking Update: I have a few more dates available for the month of September. For those interested in booking a fall family portrait session in Northern Virginia during the month of September, please inquire by filling out my contact form!…

Sep 13, 2022


Northern Virginia Studio Maternity Photos

I told Mike we were ready for him to join the photos and apologized for taking him away from the game he was streaming. His response: “These photos with my wife are way more important!” <3 Mike and Brittany’s maternity session was mostly taken in studio with some lovely shots from a courtyard garden nearby. […]

Dec 3, 2021


After much research and taking Covid restrictions into consideration, I realize that realistically, I am only able to offer ONE day of Cherry Blossom Mini’s. Given the popularity of these sessions and the circumstances of our time, I have decided to offer an additional option of private bloom sessions in hopes of capturing both the plethora of pink magnolias that bloom prior to the cherry blossoms, as well as the cherry blossom themselves!

Mar 12, 2021


Minimal Editorial Studio Maternity Photos in Northern Virginia by Alexis El Massih

Calm and poised with a peaceful joy – that is how I would describe this beautiful mama awaiting baby number two. Our time together in the studio passed by quickly as we chatted about our moves to Virginia…

Jan 28, 2021


Talk about a glowing mama! I often hear women describe their final weeks as uncomfortable, feeling large, tired, and just bleh. While I know that to be true (that’s how I felt!), I also know that with a little pampering, you can also feel more like the glowing, beautiful, expecting YOU! Amanda can attest to […]

Jan 22, 2021


Northern Virginia Maternity Photographer

I recently received the following message via IG messenger: “Mom to mom, wondering how you manage all of your family photos/videos and moments? Digital backup drive? Do you use “old school” prints and store in albums? Right now I feel like I have so many and my kids are only 2 under 2!” This is […]

Jan 14, 2021


Kristin’s motherhood session was my first in-studio session in downtown Leesburg, Virginia. I came into this session with a clear vision using my client wardrobe and capturing timeless, sweet moments of motherhood…

Jan 6, 2021


Last year, Destinie and I were taking our kiddos to play in the park and happened upon the blooming cherry blossoms. We took ten minutes to snap a couple of photos in front of the trees before continuing to the playground. They turned out to be our favorite photos with our girls and we decided […]

May 10, 2019


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