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Jul 28, 2021

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Rockport, MA Engagement Photos

When I read Maria and Brendan’s relationship questionnaire, I cried and laughed at the same! “I think you get us – pizza, beer, dogs, and sports lololol” Maria and her family have been a part of mine for over a decade now (hard to believe it’s been that long)! Getting to know Brendan and being able to serve them during this special time in their lives has me simultaneously squealing and tearing with every step! Naturally, the rain would hold out for their most perfect Rockport, MA engagement session. I’m excited to share more of their photos and effervescent love story!

Maria & Brendan’s Love Story

How They Met
from Maria’s perspective

We met at school through mutual friends! We were actually friends for awhile before we started dating. The summer of 2016 was when we really hit it off! I was living with a friend and he was living near school— we grew close just by watching Red Sox games, playing Wii sports, and going to bug our friend who was a bartender down the street 🙂

How He Proposed
from Maria’s perspective

Oh my gosh this story is so funny!! Brendan, his mom, and his sister always take Christmas photos together with the newest Black Dog holiday shirts and this year his mom bought me and Brendan’s sister’s boyfriend the shirts to be in the picture! I had to deliver something to a friend that morning, and he offered to come with me (I should’ve known something was up just by that offer!!) On our way back to his house I was so annoying in the car and kept joking about when he was ever going to propose—little did I know! When we got back, he kept telling me to look nice for the pictures. Me, being stubborn as always, didn’t see the point of curling my hair and putting makeup on, but I did it anyway because he kept pushing me to! My sister was actually delivering cookies to us that day so I asked her if she could take the photo so that we wouldn’t have to use a self timer like last year. We started taking pictures of just Brendan and myself and all of a sudden he was on one knee smiling so big!!! I couldn’t believe it and literally said no 100 times because I was in disbelief. After yes finally came out of my mouth, I FaceTimed my parents and they ended up surprising me and walked right into the kitchen!!! It was the best day 🙂

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