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Jan 1, 2021

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Something you may not know about me: I LOVE ancient Greek sculptures. I had a professor tell me in my painting class once that I was a “sculptor at heart”. I just smiled and thought, “sure!” without thinking anymore about it. That is, until I took a class on ancient Greek sculptures IN Greece. After a semester of traveling around my favorite country on earth, listening to lectures, observing, and taking notes *on site*, my perspective on art was truly changed forever. I would say that when it comes to my professional work as a photographer, this was the most formative class I have taken to date. 

What changed me as a visual artist, through my study of sculpture, was the way I saw and understood Form. I began to really see the effects that light has on an object, the way light creates highlights and shadows and the way an object then takes on a form. This really took hold of my mind and transcended mediums into my photography. I came home from studying abroad and began to take studio lighting classes and mentorships in digital hand editing, so that I could better shoot in camera and “digitally paint” what got lost in the pixels. 

What I am describing here is a seed that was planted in me back in 2013 and has stayed with me, slowly growing within, throughout my six years in business. I’ve wanted to create more refined, editorial style images **in studio** that will highlight the human form and honor a classical standard of visual art, but that also serves my clients in an authentic, non-abstract way.

I recently shared my simple life musings (see post here); how I have been, and plan to continue, making both small and big changes to reduce stress and busyness, and make more time  and more space for a present, slower, intentional way of living. One of the biggest ways I will be doing this is within my photography business here. For the six years I have been in business, my work has greatly reflected my mind: doing way too many things all the time. I’ve been a wedding, family, and food photographer and juggling it all with a genuine, great love for each service. 

However, in 2021 and moving forward, I am nurturing the seeds that have begun sprouting inside of me. I am narrowing down my photography services in order to better focus, learn, specialize, serve, create, and share. I am simplifying my personal life, focusing and specializing my photography services, to make more room for growth! 

Moving forward, I am so so SO excited to share that I will be offering services IN STUDIO. I will serve as a visual artist and fine art photographer, offering studio, at home, and on location maternity, newborn, and family photography within Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland areas. Through timeless, romantic, editorial style imagery, I will honor marriage, motherhood, and the magic of being little. 

What you can expect from me in 2021:

  • More sessions *in studio*, at home, or on location that celebrate your growing baby, welcome your newborn baby, honor your marriage and the family you’ve created, and maybe even, an editorial cake smash here and there! What’s a gathering without food, or a party without cake, am I right?
  • Weekly blog posts centered around marriage, motherhood, and childhood wonders.
  • Your family’s memories matted, framed, hung on your walls, and/or printed in albums.
  • Four shooting events throughout the year, which will include: Washington DC Cherry Blossom Sessions, a Motherhood Event, Summer Sessions in a Meadow, and Holiday Mini Sessions in studio (*happy dance*).
  • Monthly email newsletters giving you the latest photo tips, services, priority booking opportunities, and always, your morning coffee delivered to your inbox.

2020 has been a challenging year for a lot of us, but it has also provided a context in which we can all find something to be thankful for. I am thankful to be able to continue working, while many are not. I have my clients and community to thank for that.

Happy New Year, Friends! May it be blessed!

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