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Dec 31, 2020

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If I could choose one word – one theme – for 2021, it would be: SIMPLIFY.
This idea of simplifying, of trying to adopt more ascetic practices as a way of living, has been on my mind and growing like wildfire. I don’t need a new year to make resolutions and in fact, I think I began this process of “simplifying” a while ago. It slowly began as the trickle of a leaking faucet and eventually, after many events, prayers, conversations, books, and just living out everyday life, I find this verb a significantly more active force for me.
I always joke that I’m a “professional dabbler”. I’m extremely high energy, self motivated, and I have a genuine curiosity and desire to learn and do and understand E v E r Y t H i N g. I have so many ideas and the hardest part of my day is often that I just “don’t have enough time”. This energy has been a strength of mine at times, but it has also been – and maybe even more-so – my weakness. This way of being scatters my mind and energy in a million pieces.
I want to simplify my life, my mind, my way of being, in hopes of becoming:
✨ more focused
✨ less busy
✨ fully present
✨ prayerful
✨ a better wife
✨ a better mom
✨ a better friend
✨ a better servant
The ultimate goal: being a better steward of my time, resources, and talents in order to make room for these things 👆
In case you haven’t gotten the gist, this theme of simplifying and focusing will be spilling into my business in a big way in 2021. But, that is a conversation for another day…soon.

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