FAQ: What do we wear for our family photos?

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Jul 22, 2020

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“What should we wear for family photos?” This might be thee most frequently asked question I receive from both couples and families planning their photo sessions. I absolutely love being able to help and understand first hand how challenging it can be to find a comfortable outfit for yourself that simultaneously coordinates with your spouse, opinionated toddler, and quickly growing baby, all while trying to keep the overall vision in mind! Phew! It’s a lot! And I am here and happy to help! Below I am sharing a few tips to see if I can smooth this out for you a little!

First, start with a color scheme or statement piece.

Not sure where to begin? No problem! Start with a color theme you love, a statement piece for yourself or a member of the family and build from there. The key here is not necessarily to match, but to simply coordinate or think about how things “fit” together.

Consider your personal style

Before anything else, I would recommend going with something that is comfortable for you. What is your favorite color? When you look at your closet, do you notice any themes or a particular aesthetic you lean toward?

Don’t be afraid to dress up!

In fact, I would highly recommend you dress up! You will have many lovely, casual photos from your iPhone, but how often do you actually round up your whole tribe for professional portraits?

Keep it comfortable.

Dressing up does not mean sacrificing comfort. Your comfort level and confidence will be evident in the photos!

For some fun and visual inspiration, I’ve gathered a few color palettes for you. I hope this is helpful and inspires your next family session!

Mom (Dress), Baby Boy (Romper), Toddler Girl (Dress), Dad (Blazer, Shirt)
Dad (Shirt), Mom (Dress), Boy (Shirt, Pants), Girl (Dress)
Mom (Jumpsuit), Dad (Shirt), Girl (Dress), Boy (Shirt)

I hope this is helpful and has you inspired your next family session!