Sean & Nicole | Boston, MA Engagement & Wedding Photographer


Jul 10, 2019

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My cousin is getting M a R r I e D ! I am blessed to have inherited Nicole as my cousin when I married my husband. I’ve always known her to be one of the most down-to-earth, down-for-anything, fun, loving, and adventurous people I know. Whether you’re looking for a dinner date to try a new restaurant, a concert companion, travel buddy, or someone to eat ice cream with and have a long, heart-to-heart conversation – Nicole is the person I would call. She’s the best friend every girl wants to have. *sigh* I wish we still lived close!

But seriously, Sean is her perfect match. He shares her love of adventure, road tripping, camping, and bike riding, and fits into the family perfectly! Similar to what is said in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “He looks Lebanese!” (haha!)

Nicole and Sean worked at the same hospital – Nicole as a social worker and Sean as a National Director of Emergency Management. For three years, they had little interaction other than passing each other in the halls…that is, until Sean began visiting her unit more frequently for codes 😉 Nicole would try to joke around with him, but could never get a good read; he was always so serious at work! On a day that Nicole was off of work, Sean asked their boss if she was single. She responded: “My little Nicole? She’s soooo single!” He got her number and a little over a year later, they were dancing through the Boston Public Garden taking their engagement photos with meeeee! <3 <3 <3

I had so much fun with them walking through the gardens and the cobble stone streets of Beacon Hill, and making them dip and kiss while a huge group of teenage kids walked by applauding and cheering them on! Basically, they felt and looked like movie stars. <3