Kate & Peter | Willowdale Estate, Toppsfield, MA Wedding


Jun 3, 2016

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Maybe it was the Alice-in-Wonderland theme; maybe it was Kate’s endearing smile that radiates through her eyes and fils the entire room; maybe it was the way that Peter looks at Kate…every time; maybe it was Kate and Peter’s contagious laughter and playful manner; maybe it was their their warm and welcoming parents or their lively bridal party; maybe it was all of these things coming together on a perfectly sunny day in New England. Whatever it was, I left Kate and Peter’s wedding feeling so energized, joyful, and grateful for the opportunity to photograph their big day. What a blessed couple they are, and what a wonderful community and family they are beginning their journey with.

Venue: Willdowdale Estate
Makeup: Kailen Hodge
Florist: Kerry McLaughlin
Second Shooter: Jenn Bakos